Minds, Models and Mechanisms:
Current Trends in Philosophy of Psychiatry


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all times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Day 1, April 20th: Models of What, Precisely?

The main focus of the first day will be to clarify the matter at hand in the interdisciplinary group. The first keynote and two contributed talks will tackle the questions of what mental disorder models are, how to conceptualize “disease” or “disorder” to begin with, and to what extent mental disorders are brain disorders.

13:00      Welcome & Opening

13:40      Sanja Dembić (HU Berlin):
                Mental Disorder: An Ability-based Approach

14:15      Tanja Michael (Saarbrücken):
                Interventions in Post-Traumatic Stress-Disorder

15:00      Coffee

15:20      Henrik Walter (Charité Berlin):
                Mental Disorders vs. Brain Disorders

16:15      Garson Leder (Alden March Bioethics Institute) & Tadeusz Zawidzki (George Washington University):
                Mental Illness, Brain Disorders and Metacognitive Skill

17:00      Coffee

17:20      Roundtable Discussions / Gathering

17:50      Report from Roundtables / Open Discussion

18:10      Social Time


Day 2, April 21st:  From Modelling to Diagnosing and Treating

On the second day, we shall focus on questions surrounding the construction and implications of mental disorder models. We will examine the contribution of recent network models in the context of psychopathology research, to what extent these are causal models, how to capture and assess the significance of clinical interventions (Michael), and how constructing general models of psychopathology squares with personalized treatment.

13:00      Coffee / Gathering

13:30      Linda Douw (VU Amsterdam):
                Network Neuroscience in Lesional Brain Disease

14:25      Roberta Cubisino (Saarbrücken):
                On modeling mental disorders: Epistemic richness and the case of PTSD

15:00      Coffee

15:20      Vera Hoffmann-Kolss (Bern) & Lena Kästner (Saarbrücken)
                Correlation, Causation and Variable Selection in Multifactorial Models

16:05      Sabrina Coninx (Bochum) & Peter Stilwell (Montreal):
                An Enactive Approach to Chronic Pain: Addressing Conceptual, Methodological, and Therapeutic Challenges  

16:40      Coffee

17:00      Jackie Sullivan (Western University, Ontario):
                New Frontiers in Translational Research: Touchscreens, Open Science and The Epistemic Community

17:55      Roundtable Discussions

18:25      Report from Roundtables / Open Discussion

18:45      Social Time


Day 3, April 22nd: Computational Models and the Plurality of Clinical Practice

The final day continues the interdisciplinary discussion in focusing on how to bring computational modelling of mental disorders together with clinical practice. On the one hand, we examine the potential of computational psychiatry for theory, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. On the other, we examine the plurality of clinical reality and what this will demand of future modelling approaches.

13:00      Coffee / Gathering

13:30      Peter Dayan (MPI Tübingen):
                Computational Psychiatry

14:25      Matteo Colombo (Tilburg):
                Three epistemic roles of computational modelling in psychiatric therapy

15:00      Coffee

15:20      Adrian Kind (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg):
                Model-Based Diagnostic Reasoning in Clinical Psychiatry

15:55      Josephine Lenssen (Dimence Mental Health Institute, Zwolle):
                Mosaic Models and Clinical Reality

16:40      Coffee

17:00      Roundtable Discussion

17:30      Report from Roundtables / Open Discussion

17:50      Closing and Farewell